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3D Facial Massager Solar Sensor Platinum Roller Face Body Slimming Tightening Machine Microcurrent V-Face Massage Tool

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Arc curved handle design. Such design is convenient to hold and operate, easy to adjust the angle to massage different body part.
Double chrome-plating 3D roller, 360° rotation design. It can ensure enough large touch area between roller and skin, which create the best three-dimensional effect of massage.
Unique technology. With built-in solar sensor, it can transfer the solar energy into micro current, which can stimulate the deep skin, tighten and smoothen skin, lift our face, prevent the aging.
Based on kneading massage techniques, which is belong to one of the massage manipulation, the two roller can knead the skin, gently apply pressure on your skin, relieve sensitivity skin and alleviate tension.  
Waterproof design. 7 grade waterproof, you can use it when you take a shower.
It can apply to much of body part like face, arm, chest, waist, leg etc.


Material: ABS
Roller coating: Platinum
Weight: 242g
Size: 15*6.8cm(H*W)

Package content: 
Pack in bubble bag, no box

1 x Face massgaer
1 x User manual(English)
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