What to Wear in Spring You Ask? Nothing. Go Nude.


What to Wear in Spring You Ask? Nothing. Go Nude.

By: Nichole-Marie Williamson


Nude shoes that is. It’s is the new black in my perspective, and has been a rival alternative for quite sometime. It works with a variety of colors from cobalt blue, LBD’s (or little black dresses), emerald green (determined color of the year by the way), hot pink, orange, you pretty much get the point. I will admit the buzz of nude shoes has been around for a bit, but adding a fashionable addition surely doesn’t hurt.

For girls who want to have fun.

Dorthy Perkins
Nude Ankle Studded Wedges 

For class and a splash of sass.


Frited Nude Patent Court Shoes

Adrienne Maloof

For kicks, and potential edgy 
girl in you, we paired the next nude shoes 
with STYLEdirty items.

This gold chiffon dress available 
through STYLEdirty would darling
yet daring with the spiked Sam 
Edelman shoes above

Lace-up, Lacey Dress

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman
Circus by Sam Edelman Raina

Gold Chiffon Dress

If high heels make your feet ache before stepping outside your home, plenty of low heel and flat options are available to suit your preferences. The recent nude or neutral outpour from shoes to accessories; shouldn’t be taken lightly. At least I think so. It’s a chic alternative to a variety of wardrobe choices. If you’re ever in a style rut and uncertain of what color shoe to wear; nude is a viable color choice to stomp around in.