Are Red Lips Ever a Don't...?

We all have heard arguments from both sides of the "fashionista" jury regarding the age old question of "red lips." 

While not for the timid, red is a color that can be embraced year-round, not just for the holidays. There's a multitude of shades and finishes that can sparkle and pop, along with low-key versions available for those a bit apprehensive towards taking the P.O.C.P (pop of color plunge).

For those easing into red, go subtle and sweet. Try Essence Lipstick in ‘Red Carpet’, or a semi-matte lipstick by Nars in ‘Jungle Red’. 

For those seeking a slightly deeper red hue, try a blue-based color that compliments a variety of skin tones. 

If red is your forte and you live by the mantra ‘the bolder the better,' L’Oreal Paris infallible le rouge in ‘Ravishing Red’, Clarins joli rouge in ‘Clarins Red’, and Bobbi Brown rich lip color in ‘Old Hollywood’ are suitable options for you.             

Essence Lipstick in 'Red Carpet'Nars Lipstick in 'Jungle Red'L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick in ‘Ravishing Red’Clarins Lipstick in ‘Clarins Red’Bobbi Brown lipstick in ‘Old Hollywood’

To pull off a bold or semi-bold lip during the day, I suggest making your lips the central focus. 

In other words, think twice about hologram eyes or heavy blush with a heavy lip. The rest of your face should remain natural to maintain a balance. 

In the evening, take a walk on the wild side - turn up the volume on the eyes, while keeping color choices somewhat uniform.

Makeup plays into style, distinguishing your personality, and speaking volumes about you whether you realize it or not – so just go out there and have fun with it!!